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Where are UCI’s lands located in Palestine?

The lands offered with TABO are located in Ramallah - Kobar (near Birzeit University), Ramallah – Turmusayya,  Ramallah – Al-khanouq, (SOLD-OUT), Ramallah - Kufar Ein, Ramallah – Qarawa Bani Zeid, Salfit – Farkha (Farkha A and Farkha Q are SOLD OUT, and new master plans are available), and Salfit - Broqeen (SOLD OUT).

How far are UCI’s lands from Ramallah?

UCI’s lands are located very close to Ramallah. Their distance from Ramallah's city center is 9 - 25 km, which is about only a 6 - 20 minute drive. The distance of each master plan offered with TABO from Ramallah's city center can be found below:

Ramallah – Kobar A, B & E – 9km
Ramallah – Al-Khanouq – 10km
Ramallah – Turmusayya – 23km
Ramallah – Kufar Ein – 25km
Ramallah – Qarawat Bani Zeid – 25km
Saflit – Farkha – 25 km
Salfit – Broqeen – 25km (SOLD OUT)

How many parcels are available for sale with TABO?

There are a limited number of parcels available with TABO. Each Master Plan has a unique number of parcels. Please go to Select Your Land to view each available Master Plan in more detail.

What is the size of the parcels available with TABO?

Although each parcel size is slightly different, the average size of each parcel has been designed to encompass a spacious total net area of 1,000 m2.. Final areas may slightly increase or decrease after the parcellation process.

What is the price range for the parcels available with TABO?

Depending on the master plan and its location, UCI’s parcel prices range between $30- $136 /m2. That is, for a 1,000 m2 parcel, the price range is $30,000 – $136000 (21,000JD – 96,000 JD).

Why is there a difference in price between different master plans?

The most affordable master plan available through TABO is in Farkha-Q, which is roughly 25km from the center of Ramallah and falls under the Salfit Governorate. The next most affordable master plan is available in Qarawat Bani-Zeidhowever, which falls under the Ramallah Governorate which increases its value.

Both Farkha and Qarawa master plans are zoned to allow the maximum building height of 2 floors and 1 roof, above street level, on each parcel.

The most expensive master plans lie in Kobar, which falls under the Ramallah Governorate and is a very short distance from Birzeit University, one of the centers of cultural and educational life in the West Bank. Furthermore, the master plans available in Kobar allow the maximum building of 5 floors above street level, making their investment value higher. 

Why should I buy land in Palestine?

Out of the many reasons you should buy land in Palestine, here are four very good ones:

Make Your Connection to Palestine a Reality
For the first time, you have the opportunity to make your connection to the holy land a reality. Since time immemorial, the ancient and historic lands of Palestine have been among the most coveted in the world. For thousands of years, kings and paupers, emperors and peasants, Popes and pilgrims alike have come to Palestine for salvation, for redemption, for fulfillment, and for riches. Palestine"s unprecedented historical significance is a testament to its value as a land.

To Palestinians worldwide, owning land in Palestine is priceless. Land represents a Palestinian's identity, his roots, and his proof of existence. It is his ancestry, his forefather's legacy and children's birthright. It is the place from which he came, and to which he shall return. Now UCI makes it possible for Palestinians to reclaim their legacy, reconnect with the land of their ancestors, and own a piece of the homeland, for them, for their children, and for generations to come.

An Excellent and Affordable Investment
Rather than leave your money sitting idle in a saving account earning almost no interest, UCI now gives you the opportunity to invest in land for as low as $30,000 (JOD 21,000). The World Bank reports that land values in Palestine have consistently appreciated in value over time, doubling and sometimes tripling in value annually. The scarcity of available Palestinian land, coupled with its historic, national, and sentimental significance for Palestinians, has made land a highly demanded, reliable, and rewarding investment. Even during the recent global economic downturn, Palestinian real estate values continued to rise steadily.

Master Planned Residential Communities
UCI is offering land that has been developed as part of an urban planned and thoroughly designed community. Each UCI Master Plan has been designed to include public services such as green areas, public areas, and internal roads that account for a maximum of 30% of the total master plans area, providing space, proper planning, and proper access to each parcel. The average size of each parcel has been designed to encompass a spacious total net area of 1,000m2 (1 dunum). All UCI parcels have been designated as residential. UCI’s team of architects and urban planners has designed the external roads that connect UCI’s Master Plans to the main public roads. Furthermore, all internal roads and access roads have been excavated by UCI, providing full access to every parcel. Also, all roads are currently being paved by UCI.

By creating master planned residential communities near key Palestinian cities, parceling land into smaller, affordable, and usable parcels, and providing the interior roads to serve each parcel, UCI is further increasing the value of its lands so that your investment can grow before your eyes.

An Ethical Investment
Buying land in Palestine and registering a title deed in your name helps prevent illegal land confiscation in Palestine. The principal tool used by the occupation is to confiscate unregistered lands in Palestine and declare them as "state land". According to the World Bank, only a third of land in the West Bank is registered. Buying and registering land in Palestine can protect it from illegal confiscation and settlement, and promotes ownership and control of Palestinian land by Palestinians.

What type of infrastructure serves the lands available with TABO?

1. Included in Parcel Price
a. Paved Roads
i. Asphalt pavement with 4 meters width
ii. Base course with 5 meter width
NOTE: All roads will be wider in the future and can be expanded to their approved width according the master plans approved by the Ministry of Local Gov"t (10 to 14 meters in width)

2. With Final Infrastructure Payment of 4,000 USD:
a. Lights: Complete road light network
b. Electricity:
i. High voltage electricity network to the main master plan
ii. Internal electricity network connected to every single parcel
c. Water: 2.5 m3 water tank for every parcel. Water tanks will be filled and serviced on a weekly basis or upon the customers demand by a specialized water tanker – customer pays for water filling as per their demand.

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