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How do I place a reservation for land in Palestine with TABO?

Placing a reservation can be done via telephone or in person with a TABO Sales Representative. If the customer would like to make an on-site visit to the TABO lands, he or she can simply make an appointment with a TABO Sales Rep who will proceed to take the customer to the TABO land using a company vehicle. All available master plans can be viewed online through our interactive website where customers can see the master plan designs, plots available for sale, and view 3D panoramas as if they’re actually standing in the master plan themselves. Once the customer decides on a plot, a contract must be signed and 20% down payment must be paid and the customer must provide posted-dated monthly cheques for the financing term.

After I place a reservation, what happens next?

Once you have a reservation and completed your Down Payment you will receive a confirmation email from UCI that includes your username and password for your TABO account. You must log-in to your TABO account to download your UCI’s Land Purchase Limited Power of Attorney (LPOA) which must be printed, signed, upload to your TABO account along with a clear copy of your valid passport/ID, and you original LPOA must be mailed to UCI.

What is a Buyer's Permit Application?

Foreigners (non-West Bank/Gaza ID holders) purchasing land or property in Palestine must receive a Buyer's Permit Approval. The Buyer's Permit Application will be submitted by UCI on behalf of its customers to the Palestinian Authority (PA) for review, as required by Palestinian Authority law. The Buyer's Permit review process could take between 3– 4 months for approval. Once your Buyer's Permit is approved, you will be required to wire transfer a first quarterly payment installment within a maximum of 7 days of being informed that your Buyer"s Permit has been approved.

What is a UCI Land Purchase Limited Power of Attorney (LPOA)?

In order to complete the land purchase process for its Customers, UCI requires a Land Purchase Limited Power of Attorney (LPOA) to be provided by all its Customers. The LPOA includes a standard text in English and Arabic that allows an officially registered local attorney to represent UCI’s customers during the land ownership transfer process. This is a necessary and very important document that is required to facilitate the land ownership transfer process to the name of the Customer.

What is the Title Deed Process?

As the largest developer of residential housing units in Palestine, UCI is highly experienced with the process of transferring ownership of land in Palestine. UCI’s dedicated team has created a process that allows its customers to purchase land in Palestine from anywhere around the world. The Title Deed Process with the Palestinian Authority is the process of creating title deeds for land in Palestine.

What is the Title Deed Transfer Process?

The Title Transfer Process with the Palestinian Authority is the process of transferring title of a land from UCI’s name to the name of the Customer.

How long will the purchase process take after I have placed my reservation?

Title deeds will only be transferred to TABO Customers after the full price of the parcel(s) has been paid to UCI. Once the Title Deed Process with the Palestinian Authority is complete for the a specific TABO land, the Title Deed Transfer Process can commence and the title deed can be transferred into the Customer’s name. Depending on the procedures with the Palestinian Authority, title deeds for some TABO lands will be available before others. Most of UCI’s lands currently have title deeds available.

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