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Can I visit the lands available with TABO?

Yes. You can visit the lands available with TABO any day of the week. You must schedule an appointment by calling UCI’s Sales Office in Ramallah. Or you can visit and view an actual virtual tour as if you are standing on the land.

Will UCI provide Title Deeds with its parcels of land?

Yes. Once the Title Deed Process for your parcel(s) is ready and you have completed your parcel payments, the Title Transfer Process with the Palestinian Land Authority will commence and the title deed(s) for your parcels will be transferred to your name. Once the Title Transfer Process is complete, you will be notified and your title will be mailed to you if you live outside of Palestine. Once the Title Deed Process is complete, the Title Transfer Process could take up to 1 month.

When shall I expect my title deed to be ready?

After completing the issuance of the title deeds and parcellation procedures, and after completing the final payment of the parcel including the transfer fees and any difference in the area, we begin the process of transferring the title deed ownership into the customer’s name.

Are purchases limited to individuals or can companies/institutions purchase land?

Palestinian-I.D. holders and Non-West Bank/Gaza I.D. holders (Foreign Nationals) can purchase land in Palestine as individuals. For companies/institutions, only Palestinian (Palestinian Authority registered) companies/institutions can purchase land with TABO. Foreign companies/institutionin all master planss must submit a Buyer's permit application and receive permission from the Palestinian Authority before they can submit a reservation request.

What type of classification do UCI's lands hold?

All of UCI lands are classified as residential.

What type of designation do UCI’s lands hold (Area A, Area B, or Area C)?

All of UCI lands are designated Area A or Area B, which fall under the administrative rule of the Palestinian Authority.

What are the building regulations for UCI’s land?

Once you own land with TABO and you are ready to build your home, you must receive a construction permit from the local municipality or the PA Ministry of Local Government, who will set the residential construction regulations for your area.

When will all the access road be ready?

The roads have been excavated in all master plans. The Road paving works have also been completed for many master plans and are in-progress for new master plans.

What are the dimensions of each parcel of land?

Each parcel of land has its unique dimensions which are displayed in the parcel information. According to local laws, all parcels must have a minimum width of 25 meters if  adjacent to a road.

Did UCI build on any of the TABO lands?

Yes, UCI built 12 model homes in Kobar, Qarawa, Farkha, Broqeen and Kufr Ein, with an area ranging from 80-100 m2. These model homes are an example of what customers can build on their own land to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Palestine. These model homes have complete finishing including an installed kitchen, a brick wall surrounding the house, septic tanks, a water tank.

Are UCI’s lands located near Israeli Settlements?

No. UCI’s lands are not located near any Israeli Settlements.

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