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What are the payment terms?

Customers have the option of choosing from two different payment plans:

1- Direct Interest Free Financing with UCI:

  • Down Payment (20%):
    The first payment is a non-refundable Down Payment of 20% of the total parcel price.
  • Remaining Payments (80%):
    Resident customers (residing in Palestine) must provide monthly post-dated cheques from a local Palestinian bank. Non-resident customers must wire transfer equal quarterly payments to UCI’s bank account.

2- In cash: Cash payments only apply for master plans in which the parcelized title deeds are ready.

  • First Payment (80%):
    First payment of 80% of the parcel price must be paid.
  • Remaining​ Payments (20%):
    Once the Title Deed Process for your parcel(s) is ready, the Title Transfer Process with the Palestinian Land Authority can commence. At this point you are required to pay the remaining 20% of the parcel(s) price by cheque at one of UCI’s Sales Offices in Ramallah or wire transferred to UCI’s bank account. Your payment must be received within a maximum of 7 days from the date of notification from UCI. Once your payment is received, the title deed(s) for your parcels will be transferred to your name. Once the Title Transfer Process is complete, you will be notified and your title deed will be mailed to you.

Is the down payment refundable?

The 20% down payment is non-refundable. Only in the case that a Buyer's Permit Application for non-West Bank/Gaza I.D. holders is denied by the Palestinian Authority can a down payment be refunded, minus transaction fees.

If I cancel my reservation, do I receive a refund?

If you cancel your reservation you will receive a partial refund as detailed below:
If you have paid the Down Payment and you have not fulfilled any of the remaining payments on their due dates, your reservation/purchase will be canceled and UCI will have the full right to retain the whole non-refundable Down Payment and 25% of any payment installment made to UCI after the Down Payment.

Who is a West Bank/Gaza I.D. holder ?

A West Bank/Gaza I.D. holder is an individual that holds a Palestinian Identification card from the West Bank or Gaza, also known as a "hawiyah - الهوية الفلسطينية". West Bank/Gaza I.D. holders are not required to obtain a Buyer's Permit from the Palestinian Authority and can therefore purchase land right away.

Who is a non-West Bank/Gaza I.D. holder?

According to the Palestinian Authority law, Palestinian residents of Israel (Palestinians holding Israeli passports), Palestinian residents of Jerusalem (Jerusalem I.D. holders), and Foreign Nationals are considered non-West Bank/Gaza I.D. holders. Foreign Nationals of Palestinians Heritage/Origin are considered non-West Bank/Gaza I.D. holders. Non West Bank/Gaza I.D. holders purchasing land or property in Palestine must obtain a Buyer's Permit Approval that will be submitted to the Palestinian Authority by UCI for review, as required by Palestinian Authority law.

Does UCI offer direct financing for purchasing parcel(s) of land with TABO?

Of course! We are happy to inform all our customers about the direct interest free financing with UCI:

  • Resident customers must pay a Down Payment of 20% and provide monthly post-dated cheques from a local Palestinian bank
  • Non-resident customer must pay a Down Payment of 20% and wire transfer 20 equal quarterly payments to UCI’s bank account

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