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What is TABO?

The concentration of development in Palestine has caused land prices inside the major Palestinian cities to increase dramatically. Outside the major cities, in the beautiful villages, there is a bigger problem: land has no title deed. In fact, 70% of the West Bank is non-registered land. Furthermore, outside the major cities, the beautiful villages are not part of any master plan, thus lands are only available in very large area. As a result, purchasing land in Palestine has become unaffordable and very difficult for the majority Palestinians.

TABO is a project that has allowed land to become affordable in Palestine. UCI has developed numerous parcels of land surrounding the city of Ramallah into Master Planned Communities that offer parcelized title deed parcels at an average net area of one dunum (1,000 m2) - all designated residential. All of UCI’s Master Plans provide public services that account for 30% of the total Master Plans" area including green areas, public areas, and paved roads, providing space, proper planning, and proper access to each parcel.

Using UCI’s interactive website, you can learn all you need about the parcel of your choice, see a virtual tour as if you are standing on the land itself, and see 3D aerial photos. Our website is designed to help you make a comfortable and informed decision on buying land in Palestine.

With 4 easy steps, you can now own the parcel of your choice. Furthermore, UCI will handle the entire Title Deed Transfer for all of its customers, making it possible for Palestinians to purchase land in Palestine from anywhere around the world, removing the burden of registering a title deed in Palestine.

Why should I purchase a land through TABO?

TABO is affordable, ethical, and provides excellent  return on investment (ROI) of up 10.5% annually
Where else can you invest between 30,000 – 60,000 USD, contribute to a great cause, and make annualized returns of up to 10.5%? Since its launch in 2011, investors who purchased land through TABO have experienced 6.5% - 10.5% annual appreciation on the value of their land.  For example, in 2012, the value of the plots sold in Qarawa mater plans was about 24,000 JD, and in 2019, they were sold for 35,000 JD.
In addition, since TABO lands can be paid through interest free financing, investors experience the appreciation before completing the full price of their land. More importantly, investing in land through TABO helps expand property rights in Palestine through creating title deeds and helps protect Palestinian land for illegal Israel settlement expansion.

TABO land investment are safe and included title deeds
All TABO lands have certified and registered title deeds with the Palestinian Lands Authority and exist in Areas “A” or “B” of the West Bank. Once you invest in land through TABO, we take care of all the procedures related to title deed issuance and transferring the ownership.

TABO has a credible history and over 9 years of experience.
Since its launching in 2011, TABO has been responsible for land registration, land parcellation, and issuing title deeds for roughly 1000 parcels of land, as well as the construction and paving of internal and public road networks. in addition to supplying high and low voltage electricity lines.
Thanks to TABO, more than 1,000,000 m2 of lands in Palestine has been protected and more than 540 Palestinian families have invested in over 800 plots.

How does TABO protect Palestinian Land from Israeli Settlement Expansion?

In 1967, after Israel occupied the West Bank, one of the first things Israel did was survey the entire West Bank to determine where land had title deed and where land did not have title-deed. Why? To plan for its illegal settlement expansion. Until today, Israel uses an old Ottoman law that states if your land has no title deed and is not put to use, then the state can declare it as state land. With 70% of the West Bank having no title deed, Palestinian land is at a great risk. As of today, Israeli settlements have been built on approximately 10% of the entire West Bank, encompassing a total area of over half a million dunums. Israel has been able to do this because the majority of the West Bank has no title deed.

By taking non-title deed land and undergoing the difficult and thorough process of registering the land and creating a title deed, TABO protects Palestinian land. A title deed is a certificate that proves the ownership of the land and identifies its borders, thus removing any legal dispute as to who ones the land. Through TABO, a mountain of land in the West Bank that was once left without any proof of ownership, is now divided into 90 parcels, each with their own title deed and each owned by a Palestinian, with roads and infrastructure extended to each parcel. To go a step further , TABO offers its customers tha ability to build on their land, thus irreversibly changing the reality on the ground and creating de-facto Palestinian communities.

Who is UCI?

Union Construction and Investment (UCI) is one of the largest investment and real estate development companies in Palestine. Established in 2005, UCI has changed the culture of residential and commercial development in Palestine.

UCI has constructed landmark buildings in Palestine including the environmentally friendly UCI Headquarters Building in the Masyoun Heights of Ramallah, the Arcadia Residential complex, and the largest residential housing project in the West Bank, the Etihad Villas.

Furthermore, in Palestine, UCI is the largest investor in sustainable urban development and the use of renewable energy. Through its award winning subsidiary, MENA Geothermal, UCI has installed energy saving geothermal heating & cooling systems in each of its residential and commercial projects. UCI’s shares are publicly traded on the Palestinian Securities Exchange. As a publically traded company, UCI’s financial are audited by an independent third party auditor. For more information and to download UCI’s financials, please visit UCI has also launched new residential projects in 2016, Masyoun Gardens 1 & 2 located in Al-Masyoun. More information about these projects is available on the website

Is TABO a for-profit project?

Yes, we are proud that TABO is a project under UCI, which is an independent Palestinian private sector company. In an economy where 40% of Palestine’s GDP is accounted for by donor aid, we have established a sustainable way in which an independent private sector, publically traded, and audited Palestinian company can create hundreds of title deeds, thus protecting Palestinians land, while at the same time providing a much needed service that puts Palestinian lands into Palestinian hands – one dunum at a time - without a drop of donor aid. This is the essence of sustainable economic development.

Our objective is to expand ownership of land in Palestine. Land represents a Palestinian’s identity, his roots, and his proof of existence. It is his ancestry, his forefather’s legacy and children’s birthright. It is the place from which he came, and to which he shall return. TABO makes it possible for Palestinians to reclaim their legacy, reconnect with the land of their ancestors, and own a piece of the homeland, for them, for their children, and for generations to come.

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