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The concentration of development in Palestine has caused land prices inside the major Palestinian cities to increase dramatically.

Outside the major cities, in the beautiful villages, there is a bigger problem: land has no title deed.

In fact, 70% of the West Bank is non-registered land.Furthermore, outside the major cities, the beautiful villages are not part of any master plan, thus lands are only available in very large areas. As a result, purchasing land in Palestine has become unaffordable and very difficult for Palestinians.

TABO has allowed land to become affordable in Palestine. UCI has developed numerous plots of land surrounding the city of Ramallah into Master Planned Communities that offer parceled title deed plots at an average net area between (500-1500 m2) - all designated residential.

All of UCI’s Master Plans provide public services that include green areas, public areas, and internal roads, providing space, proper planning, and proper access to each plot.

Using UCI’s interactive website www.TABO.ps, you can learn all you need about the plot of your choice, see actual pictures, and 3D aerial photos.

With 4 easy steps, you can now own the plot of your choice. Furthermore, UCI will handle the entire Title Deed Transfer for all of its customers, making it possible for Palestinians to purchase land in Palestine from anywhere around the world, removing the burden of registering a title deed in Palestine.

TABO has helped protect over 1 million square meters of Palestinian land from Israeli settlement expansion.

Who We Are

Union Construction and Investment (UCI) is one of the largest and most innovative real-estate development companies and social-impact investors in Palestine with over $32M AUM.


Established in 2005, UCI has changed the culture of Palestine’s residential and commercial development.

UCI has constructed landmark buildings including the Energy Globe Award winning and environmentally-friendly UCI Headquarters Building in the Masyoun Heights of Ramallah, the Arcadia Residential Complex, the Masyoun Garden’s 64-unit Residence, and the Etihad Villas, a 62 semi-detached villa housing project – a first of its kind for the Ramallah community.

Moreover, UCI has created one of the most popular real-estate projects in Palestine, TABO – a project that revolutionized the real-estate market in the West Bank by creating title deeds in unregistered areas and making new affordable lands available. A highly ethical project, TABO has helped protect over 1 million square meters of Palestinian land from Israeli settlement expansion. Finally, since 2011, UCI has outperformance all publically listed competitors in the real-estate market in Palestine.

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lands of TABO in Palestine

how we build

At UCI, we are constantly searching for a better way to build. We utilize the latest in construction methodology and materials, and have been pioneers in the area of sustainable construction in the Middle East region.

We employ ideas as simple as proper insulation, and as ambitious as the LEED certification in our commercial buildings.

In fact, through our award-winning subsidiary company, MENA Geothermal, we have installed energy saving geothermal heating & cooling systems in each of our residential and commercial projects.

ETIHAD VILLAS Union Construction and Investment activities

what we build

Since Establishment, UCI has changed the market and, indeed, the culture of residential and commercial development in Palestine.

Our Etihad Villas is the first complete residential community in Palestine providing residents with unique designs, complete amenities, and excellent finishing. Our award-winning UCI Headquarters Building is a Ramallah landmark and is the city’s most desirable commercial address; and the Arcadia Residence is the newest addition to Ramallah’s prestigious Masyoun area.

 Arcadia Residence

Arcadia Residence

 Etihad Villas

Etihad Villas





 Arcadia Residence
 Etihad Villas

In 2011, UCI launched TABO - Arabic for title-deed, which has now become the most popular real-estate project in Palestine helping over 700 families own over 1000 parcels of land.

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