UCI Supports Digital Future of Palestinian Schools

UCI Supports Digital Future of Palestinian Schools

May 28, 2015

To equip the leaders of tomorrow for the challenges of the future, access to technology is essential. As one of Palestine’s leaders in innovation and business, Union Construction and Investment knows this very well. And this week, it’s providing young Palestinians with the equipment they need to thrive.

As the sponsor of a charity breakfast hosted by the Canadian Representative to the Palestinian Authority, UCI"s TABO project contributed to the purchase of 15 brand new laptops for the Beit Sira Girls School in Ramallah. Produced by NETKETABi, which means “my netbook” in Arabic, the computers are Palestinian products specially designed for the needs of young learners.

“As a Palestinian organization, we believe it’s our responsibility to invest in the future of Palestinian children and to provide them with the skills they need to succeed in the modern world,” Khaled Al Sabawi, UCI’s General Manager, said. “The NETKETABi product is a great use of resources – it’s targeted specially at Palestinian children, and offers them a unique learning experience that encourages them to think for themselves and excel in their own way.”

NETKETABi works by making e-learning and interactive content available to children who have different learning styles and abilities. Users are able to browse a vast range of different learning resources – from virtual textbooks and animations to full courses with online resource provider Khan Academy – and engage with them at their own pace. It"s an approach carefully developed to promote creativity and independent thinking.

For the Beit Sira Girls School, the addition of 15 NETKETABi books could make a big difference to pupils’ learning. At a school with over 400 students there are currently only four PCs – a serious obstacle when it comes to teaching kids about technology and preparing them for further education and work.

As one of the largest real estate companies in Palestine, UCI, which allows Palestinians to buy land affordably within Palestine through its TABO project, takes social responsibility extremely seriously. It believes that culture, education and activism are the foundation of Palestinian identity, and donates to and supports organizations including the Wishash Popular Dance Troupe, the Arab Women Union Society, and the Right to Enter campaign.

“This is just one example of the many worthwhile projects we support at UCI, and we are always seeking out new ways to contribute to the betterment of Palestinian society,” Khaled Al Sabawi said.

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