UCI and the Dental Association Sign a Memorandum of Understanding

UCI and the Dental Association Sign a Memorandum of Understanding

July 15, 2021

Ramallah: Union Construction and Investment Company signed a memo of understanding with the Palestinian Dental Association to strengthen the relationship between the two parties and to provide an opportunity for all members affiliated with the Dental Association to own and invest in one of the company’s most prominent projects “TABO”. Signing this memorandum coincides with the company's celebration of the 10th anniversary for the launch of this leading project.

Today, Dentist Ismail Milhem, President of the Dental Association, and Mrs. Nida Tawil Disi, COO of UCI, on behalf of Mr. Khaled Al-Sabawi the CEO of UCI, signed the memorandum at the company's headquarters in Ramallah in the presence of Dentist Adeeb Al Debis, Secretary of the Dental Association and the executive management of UCI.

During the ceremony, Mrs. Nida Tawil Disi praised this cooperation, saying: “Today, we are pleased to sign a memorandum of understanding with the established ingrained and professional Dental Association, which coincides with our company's celebration of the 10th anniversary for launching our TABO project. We aim through this cooperation to motivate other professionals of our people to own organized and registered lands for residential and investment purposes in the beautiful rural areas that TABO project extends to, and we are fully confident that this cooperation will be the first step towards a constructive collaboration with the Dental Association which sets an example to other associations and professional bodies in Palestine and abroad”.

Dentist Ismail Milhem, the President of the Dental Association added: “We welcome this cooperation with UCI, which provides the association’s members a unique opportunity to invest and own lands within TABO project, which is the best guarantee for their future in light of the difficult political and economic conditions experienced by the Palestinians”.  Dentist Ismail Milhem handed Mrs. Nida Tawil Disi a plaque in appreciation of the efforts made by UCI in the field of real estate development in Palestine, hoping that the cooperation between them will continue because of the common interest for both parties.

Mr. Khaled Al Sabawi, CEO of UCI Company, praised this cooperation, saying: “We are proud of this cooperation with the Dental Association and we appreciate their trust that supports our company’s efforts to expand the Palestinian land ownership and confirm their existence that ensures protecting these lands from settlement expansion.”

He also added: “This cooperation approaches the company's strategic plan that aims to strengthening the frameworks of cooperation, partnership and integration with all institutions and unions operating in the country, and giving an opportunity for all the Palestinian people and its institutions to benefit from the advantages, offers and innovative projects provided by our company.”

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