UCI Completes USD $ 1,440,000 Electricity and Road Infrastructure project for its 346 Dunum TABO Masterplans in Farkha

UCI Completes USD $ 1,440,000 Electricity and Road Infrastructure project for its 346 Dunum TABO Masterplans in Farkha

January 8, 2023

Ramallah: UCI announced today that it has completed road construction and extending of electricity networks along 10,000 meters of roads in its TABO masterplans in Farkha in the Salfit Governorate. TABO’s Farkha masterplan span over 346 dunum.

This landmark project amounts to an investment of USD $1,440,000 into Palestinian infrastructure development and adds to the UCI’s $5M total infrastructure investment in Palestine since the launch of TABO project since 2011.  
Khaled Al Sabawi, CEO and Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of UCI, said: “This landmark project reflects the long-term commitment of UCI to infrastructure development in Palestine. Today’s achievement would not have been possible without the hard work of the UCI team, partners, consultants, contractors and the trust of more than 700 TABO customers who invested in more than 1,000 plots of land in the Ramallah and Salfit Governorates.”

Al Sabawi commended the progress in the area’s regeneration as the latest example of the company’s strong track record, which sees it develop the foundations for modern communities built to high quality standards. The expansion of electricity networks is not only a tangible step towards establishing a thriving Palestinian community set against the backdrop of Farkha’s stunning landscape, but the creation of a strong and Palestinian economy.

In May 2021, UCI had signed the Farkha electricity network implementation agreement with Salfit Municipality, the concessionaire of electricity infrastructural development and supply in the area. UCI had also contracted a specialized road construction company to complete the roads under professional engineering supervision. 
TABO is the flagship project of UCI, a public shareholding company and one of the largest construction and real estate development companies in Palestine, where it constructed an array of large residential and commercial projects.

TABO project provides distinctive plots parceled and registered with title deeds, and developed infrastructure in the Ramallah and Salfit governorates including paved roads and electricity networks. The project also provides payment facilities that suits the financial status of a large group of Palestinians in Palestine and the Diaspora, and for multiple purposes including investment and home building.

Since its establishment in 2005, UCI has developed several projects in the Ramallah and Salfit governorates including more than 27,000 meters of internal roads and connected with main roads, extended high and low power networks to its TABO projects in Qarawa near Ramallah, and constructed 12 homes with spectacular mountain views. 

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