UCI Sponsors Birzeit University Students Education

UCI Sponsors Birzeit University Students Education

December 27, 2015

In order to further its invaluable practice of corporate social responsibility in Palestinian society, Union Construction and Investment (UCI), through its pioneering project TABO, pledged support for the students of Birzeit University and their original project, “Hand in Hand.” A creation of the Birzeit University Friends Association, the project is dedicated to financially supporting the tuition of fiscally underserved students looking to earn their university academic education.

“Hand in Hand” was created in 2008 and is driven by innovative, hard-working Birzeit students, and their efforts have matured into a robust production of handmade pieces marketed in large part towards the Palestinian private business sector. Revenue from these sales have funded over 100 scholarships for Palestinian students coming from low-income families. UCI has carefully chosen this unique project in order to augment its ongoing success, and by purchasing their special promotional gifts have helped to attain a promising future for the development of the Palestinian economy and society by ensuring the university education of its young citizens.

Khaled Al Sabawi, a co-founder of TABO and the CEO and Vice Chairman of UCI, celebrates the endorsement of Hand in Hand: “An educated and a fully aware young generation is a prerequisite to the progress of Palestinian society.. From here came our rapid response use the services of the Birzeit University Friends Association to create gifts for UCI’s customers, clients and friends.”

Ms. Samah Hamid, the general manager of Birzeit University Friends Association, extends her gratitude to UCI for their generous dedication to the education fund of bright Palestinian university hopefuls who would otherwise encounter financial burdens.

The TABO gift specifically created by “Hand in Hand” for UCI is made from rock extracted from Ramallah mountains and forged into a statuette of an olive tree, symbolizing the connection of the Palestinian people to their precious land. As a result of UCI’s initial purchase of this custom-made gift, Birzeit University Friends Association has already been able to provide 10 scholarships for 10 university students.

UCI is one of the largest investment and real estate development companies in Palestine. Established in 2005 and based in Ramallah, UCI has been a trailblazer in strengthening the cultural and commercial sectors of the country, and sees the enhancement and continuous support of the Palestinian education system as a foremost priority for civil society.

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