UCI's TABO Project Issues title Deeds for 254 dunums of Land in Palestine

UCI's TABO Project Issues title Deeds for 254 dunums of Land in Palestine

March 11, 2013

Ramallah: UCI’s TABO project marks a new compelling achievement after Mr. Khaled Al Sabawi, General Manager, has announced the completion of issuing 218 dunums worth of title deeds for TABO lands in the districts of Ramallah and Salfit. Mr. Al Sabawi explained that title deeds issued in the district of Ramallah were for 74 dunums in Kufr Ein and 25 dunums in Kobar. In Salfit district, an additional 119 dunums received title deeds in Farkha, after 36 title deeds were previously issued in Farkha and Broqeen. The title deeds issued by UCI’s TABO project are the first ever title deeds to be in the history of  these two towns. The accumulative number of titles issued through UCI’s TABO project currently amount to 254 dunums of land.

UCI is currently completing all necessary procedures to finalize parcelizing the large title deeds  into one dunum parcelized deeds, in order to transfer title deeds to customers’ names. Mr. Al Sabawi stated: “Completing the issuance of title deeds for land parcels in these areas is considered a historical achievement for UCI, for our customers, and for Palestine. Additionally, UCI has realized the dream of hundreds of Palestinian families in Palestine and the Diaspora in owning a one dunum parcelized land with a title deed in their homeland, at an affordable price through easy interest-free financing plans directly with UCI.”

Moreover, Mr. Al Sabawi spoke about the social dimensions of TABO, as it contributes to protecting Palestinian land from illegal Israeli confiscation and settlement expansion. Mr. Al Sabawi stated: “70% of land in the West Bank has no title deed, making it an easy target for illegal Israeli confiscation. Our TABO project works to issue official title deeds for our lands in the West Bank, thereby contributing in protecting the rights of their owners and preventing illegal settlement expansion.” Mr. Al Sabawi also added: “ The total number of title deeds issued for each parcel is only a portion of TABO’s main plan and objective. It is expected that TABO will witness rapid expansion in the near future.”

Due to increasing demand on TABO lands, UCI has recently offered a new master plan in Farkha and is simultaneously working  on finalizing title deed issuance for all of its master plans in the governorates of Ramallah and Salfit. UCI’s master plans now include infrastructure services including paving roads, street lighting and electricity for each parcel. Moreover, customers have the option of building homes or planting gardens through benefiting from these service packages offered by UCI.

This accomplishment reflects UCI’s commitment to fulfilling the promises made to its customers and its perseverance in achieving its ultimate goal which is to elevate the Palestinian economy through expanding property rights and offering importance social projects.

Finally, Union Construction and Investment is a leading Palestinian company in the field of real estate development. Established in 2005, UCI has changed the culture of Palestine’s residential and commercial development. UCI has constructed landmark buildings including the environmentally friendly UCI Headquarters Building in the Masyoun Heights of Ramallah, the Arcadia Residential Complex, and the first residential housing project in the West Bank, the Etihad Villas.

UCI was selected by the Palestine Exchange as one of the four companies to reflect Jerusalem’s indicator for the year 2012, for the real estate investment sector.

Additionally, UCI is the largest investor in sustainable urban development and the use of renewable energy. Through its award winning subsidiary, MENA Geothermal, UCI has installed energy saving geothermal heating & cooling systems in each of its residential and commercial projects. MENA Geothermal has been awarded the international prestigious Energy Globe Award for the year 2009 and 2012, and has been selected by Arabia 500 as one of the 500 most dynamic and fastest growing companies in the Middle East and North Africa.

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