UCI Paves Internal Roads in Qarawa Bani Zeid in Ramallah and Farkha in Salfeet

UCI Paves Internal Roads in Qarawa Bani Zeid in Ramallah and Farkha in Salfeet

February 12, 2014

Ramallah: Union Construction and Investment, a leading Palestinian company in the field of construction and real-estate development in Palestine, announced the completion of paving internal roads for its TABO lands located in the Qarawa B master plan in Ramallah and in the Farkha Q master plan in Salfeet. UCI conducted excavation, base-course, and asphalt works in order to pave the internal roads in its TABO lands.

The mentioned implemented works are part of the complete strategic plan which aims at developing TABO lands based on very high urban planning standards. TABO is extending widely through the West Bank by allowing its customers to benefit from the infrastructure services provided by UCI. Upcoming infrastructure includes lighting of internal roads and  electricity networks and water tanks.  Furthermore, TABO has contributed to the revival of neglected areas by providing construction and housing in these areas as its TABO project offers parceled title deed plots at an area of one dunum with affordable prices to Palestinians from all over the world to own for themselves.

Mr. Khaled Al Sabawi, General Manager of UCI and founder of the TABO  project, stated: “The completion of paving internal roads in our Qarawa B master plan in Ramallah and our Farkha Q master plan in Salfeet is a part of a series of developments  which we intend to implement within this project in the near future”.

Mr. Al Sabawi added: “We are proud of our accomplishments through TABO, mainly fulfilling the dream of many Palestinians of owning a parcellized and registered piece of land in Palestine with proper access through an easy effortless  method. This contributes to stabilizing our ownership and developing lands in Palestine which protects them from illegal settlement expansion. Seventy percent of Palestinian land is not registered making it difficult for owners to prove their ownership, having only powers of attorney and limitation of succession as their only documents”. Mr. Al Sabawi also indicated that the TABO project sets an example for proper urban planning in Palestine: “Last year, UCI paved Qarawa A master plan and Kobar B master plan and constructed three model homes in Farkha and Broqeen in Salfeet and in Kufar Ein in Ramallah.

Additionally, he added: “During the past years, in which tremendous effort and hard work was invested in TABO, we did not receive any type of incentive or encouragement from the Palestinian Authority, rather the Palestinian Authority only served to create bureaucracy and never ending obstacles.  We incurred all expenses of constructing and paving the internal roads of the project, despite the fact that these should be  provided by a functioning government. In addition, donor funds are constantly channeled to our competition which serves only to undermine our efforts and help other real-estate companies causing massive unequal competition.    Finally, Mr. Al Sabawi stressed that “UCI is ready to challenge all the obstacles it faces, issue title deeds for TABO lands and continue its development and construction processes”.

Union Construction and Investment (UCI) is one of the largest construction and real-estate development companies in Palestine. Established in 2005, UCI has changed the culture of Palestine’s residential and commercial development. UCI is the first to construct private residential communities as well as unique architecture represented in the environmentally friendly UCI Headquarters Building in the Masyoun Heights of Ramallah, the Arcadia Residential Complex, and the first residential housing project in the West Bank, the Etihad Villas.

Furthermore, UCI is the largest investor in sustainable urban development and the use of renewable energy. Through its award winning subsidiary, MENA Geothermal, UCI has installed energy saving geothermal heating & cooling systems in each of its residential and commercial projects.

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