UCI paves internal roads in Kobar and Qarawa Bani Zeid in Ramallah

UCI paves internal roads in Kobar and Qarawa Bani Zeid in Ramallah

March 20, 2013

Ramallah: Union Construction and Investment, a leading Palestinian company in the field of construction and real-estate development in Palestine, announced the completion of paving internal roads for TABO lands located in Kobar B and Qarawa master plans in Ramallah district. As part of TABO’s main goal to develop land in these areas, UCI conducted excavation, base-course and asphalt works in order to pave the internal roads in its TABO lands.

Mr. Khaled Al Sabawi, General Manager of UCI and one of the men behind the idea of the TABO project, stated: “We have transferred our project to a completely new phase by developing these lands based on very high standards. By paving the roads in Kobar B and Qarawa Bani Zeid master plans, we are seeking to make access easier for our customers when visiting their lands.”

Mr. Al Sabawi also indicated that the TABO project sets an example for proper urban planning in Palestine:“ We aim at protecting Palestinian land by developing the areas outside of the cities. Land located in those areas is not registered and does not have title deeds, therefore, it is exposed to illegal Israeli confiscation”. Additionally, he added:“Providing infrastructure services to these lands is crucial for the developments of these areas.Despite the fact that infrastructure services must be provided by the government, we in Palestine receive no incentive or encouragement from the Palestinian Authority.It is unfortunate that we are working within an economy that is biased against the private sector. Some real-estate projects receive foreign funding to implement their infrastructure services, making competition between private sector companies unequal. Moreover, 40% of the Palestinian GDP relies on foreign aid, making it difficult to realize an independent Palestinian economy.” Finally, Mr. Al Sabawi stated:“We are very proud because our TABO Project protects Palestinian land, through issuing title deeds and providing infrastructure services, without resolving to foreign aid.”

Additionally, he confirmed that UCI has invested its upmost efforts to issue title deeds for the TABO lands, noting the tremendous efforts invested by the management to follow-up on a daily basis with the relevant governmental and official bodies in order to issue title deeds for one dunum parcelized lands, and to ultimately transfer ownership of these lands to customers.

In its early stages, the TABO project focused on purchasing vast areas of unregistered  land, located in the most beautiful areas in the outskirts of the main Palestinian cities. It was evident through conducting several studies, that 70% of Palestinian land is not registered making it difficult for owners to prove their right in ownership. Moreover, this situation exposes land to Israeli illegal confiscation and settlement expansion. Furthermore, outside the major cities, the beautiful villages are not part of any master plan, thus lands are only available in very large areas. As a result, purchasing land in Palestine has become unaffordable and very difficult for the majority Palestinians.

TABO is a project that has allowed Palestinians from all over the world to own a parcelized parcel of land with a title deed, through an easy effortless way. UCI has developed numerous parcels of land surrounding the city of Ramallah into Master Planned Communities that offer parcelized title deed parcels at an average net area of one dunum (1,000 m2) - all designated residential. UCI offers these parcels at affordable prices through easy payment plan, financed directly with the company. Additionally, UCI follows-up on all legal procedures with official bodies in order to deliver title deeds to its customers.

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