UCI launches the opening of a new TABO Branch in Jerusalem

UCI launches the opening of a new TABO Branch in Jerusalem

May 14, 2013

Jerusalem: Union Construction and Investment (UCI) launched the opening of a new TABO branch in Jerusalem, near the Old City. TABO is one of UCI’s largest and most prominent projects. Mr. Khaled Al Sabawi, UCI General Manager, attended the opening along with UCI executive management, sales representatives and a crowd of people interested in knowing more about the project and potentially become TABO customers. Additionally, a wide range of media and journalists attended the opening event, which lasted for an entire week in UCI’s new TABO branch located in Al-Afahani street, in the Old City of Jerusalem.

Mr. Al Sabawi emphasized on the importance of this step towards achieving the project’s goals in implementing its strategic plan that aims at expanding and promoting TABO on a local and international level, in order to ultimately realize the Palestinian dream of owning a parcellized, registered piece of land in Palestine. Moreover, this step aims at meeting the increasing demand of our TABO customers, through providing unprecedented facilities including easy payment methods, through financing directly with UCI, and following up on all legal procedures to register the land at all official and governmental departments, up to the point of delivering the title deed to the customer in their name, without any hassle for the customer.

Mr. Al Sabawi also indicated that the opening of this branch will serve as a link between UCI and its customers, as well as those interested in the project in the Jerusalem area. The branch will facilitate the introduction of the project, through a dedicated sales staff with a wide experience in the real estate sector.

Additionally, Mr. Al Sabawi confirmed that the opening a new branch in vital areas, such as the city of Jerusalem, known for their investment, trade and national status, will definitely attract new segments of customers as well as contribute to strengthening communication with the people of Jerusalem.

During the opening event, Mr. Al Sabawi presented the most prominent achievements of UCI since the launching of its TABO project,  which culminated in the completion of registering hundreds of dunums of land in Ramallah and Salfit districts, and issuing new title deeds delivered to TABO customers. It is worth noting that UCI issued the-first-ever title deeds in the history of Farkha and Broqeen towns in the Salfit District.

Finally, Mr. Al Sabawi explained the efforts invested by UCI to develop these lands, through building three model homes in Farkha and Broqeen, Salfit District, and in Kufr Ein, Ramallah and Al Bireh District. Additionally, UCI has implemented excavation and paving works for the internal roads in Kobar (B) and Qarawa in Ramallah and Al Bireh Districts, as part of the company’s vision to fully develop land in these areas, despite the fact that infrastructure services must be provided by the Palestinian government.

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