UCI issues Title Deeds in Farkha and Broqeen, Towns in the Salfit District, West Bank, for the first time in the history of Palestine

UCI issues Title Deeds in Farkha and Broqeen, Towns in the Salfit District, West Bank, for the first time in the history of Palestine

November 4, 2012

Union Construction and Investment issues title deeds for its TABO project and proceeds to deliver them to their customers as promised

Ramallah- Mr. Khaled Al Sabawi, General Manager of Union Construction and Investment, announced that new parcilized title deeds for most land plots in Farkha and Broqeen, District of Salfit, have been issued through the TABO project. This step makes UCI the first Palestinian party to ever register land in these two areas, knowing that no legal land registration has ever occurred in the history of these two towns. This is a historic moment for both UCI and for Palestine.

Union Construction and Investment began delivering these title deeds to its customers living in the West Bank and abroad. UCI announced that it has issued 34 parcelized titles deed each roughly 1 dunum in area. In this context, Mr. Khaled Al Sabawi, one of the people behind the idea of the TABO Project, stated: “we have invested great efforts and worked day after night to issue these title deeds from the Salfit Land Registration Department. The process consumed over three years of constant persistence to fulfill all required legal procedures.”

Moreover he stated: “We are proud of what we have accomplished, this is a crucial step towards fulfilling the objectives of the TABO project. The main goal of TABO is to allow Palestinians to own land in their country and to protect this land from the growing Israeli settlement construction. The project, so far, has allowed hundreds of Palestinian families in the West Bank and the Diaspora to own land in Palestine, and here we are today fulfilling our commitment towards our customers by delivering title deeds to their lands, As it stands today, 70% of land in the West Bank is non-registered land. By creating title deeds, we are solidifying the ownership of Palestinian land and protecting it from future illegal confiscation.” 

Also, Mr. Al Sabawi added: “We are currently working on following-up the registration process to issue title deeds for the remaining land plots within the project in the Districts of Salfit, Ramallah and Al Bireh.”

It is worth noting, that the TABO Project is one of the largest, leading Palestinian real-estate development and investment projects that deals with land ownership in Palestine. In its early stages, the project focused on purchasing a wide range of unregistered Palestinian land located in some of the most beautiful parts in the country, surrounding major Palestinian cities. Afterwards, the project aimed at organizing the distribution of this land through designing master plans, parcellizing the land into 1 dunum (1,000 m2 ) land plots, to be used for residential purposes. Through these master plans, all public services are provided including: green areas, public utilities, and excavated roads, granting each land area proper planning and adequate space. These land plots were then offered for sale with affordable prices, easy payment plans and with no interest fees, financed directly with UCI. On the other hand, UCI commits to the responsibility of following-up all legal and technical procedures to register land plots, issue title deeds, and deliver them to the customers without having to invest any efforts.

Furthermore, with the beginning of the year 2012, UCI initiated a new step to expand its developmental project by implementing infrastructure works: excavating roads and providing water and electricity to each of TABO’s land plots. Additionally, UCI offers the service of building residential homes for customers in their land. A few model homes in Farkha and Broqeen, District of Salfit, and in Kufr Ein, District of Ramallah and Al Bireh have been built to demonstrate an example of the potential construction opportunities in the future of these land areas. These model homes are constructed under high quality and international standards and are available in several sizes to satisfy modern residential needs. Finally, UCI offers the service of planting and gardening these land areas to fulfill the dream of every Palestinian in owning a garden and a piece of land in the homeland.

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