TABO offers new master plan in Farkha, Salfeet

TABO offers new master plan in Farkha, Salfeet

April 17, 2016

A new master plan in Farkha, Salfeet, was recently announced by TABO, the major real estate project created and run by Union Construction and Investment (UCI). In the wake of the overwhelming success of previous master plans in Farkha, in which 143 plots of land were sold to Palestinian families, TABO is offering new master plans to meet growing demand. Khaled Al Sabawi, CEO and Vice Chairman of UCI and co-founder of TABO, released a statement commending the recent development: “TABO will provide a new master plan in Farkha with infrastructure services such as paved roads, high voltage electricity cables, water tanks and additional services, in order to cultivate TABO lands and make the most of their rich potential” he added. “In addition, all plots will be available at affordable prices for prospective Palestinian land owners.

Each TABO master plan has been designed to ensure the inclusion of public services, such as green spaces, public areas and internal roads, and the ministry of local government recently approved plans for a public road leading to the new “Farkha D” master plan. The collective total of the public services account for 30% of the total area of the master plan in order to allow adequate space and access to each individual plot – which have been designed to comprise a generous total net area of 1,000 m2 (1 dunum). The new Farkha D master plan offers 27 plots, all of which are located on the Western side of Farkha that boasts a beautiful view and is in close proximity to 90 plots built on TABO lands which previously sold out.


In addition to excavating and paving roads, UCI offers added services to its customer at cost including planting and gardening, fencing, and the building of 80m2, 100m2, and 120m2 villas. The purpose of offering added services at cost is to encourage TABO’s customers to build on their land. UCI will construct a model villa in the new Farkha D master plan for customer to view.

Alongside these additional services, the laying of the foundation stone at the end of last year for a new university in Salfeet, named Al-Zaytuna University for Science and Technology, is expected to increase the value lands in and around Salfeet, providing an attractive incentive for people to relocate and invest in the area.

UCI’s promotion of the buying of land in areas such as Farkha and the registering of title deeds comprises part of its overall strategy to prevent illegal land confiscation in Palestine. It is an unfortunate reality that Israel’s occupation has a long track record of seizing unregistered areas and declaring them “state lands”. Indeed, according to the World Bank 70% of the land in the West Bank is not registered, and is thus vulnerable to illegal acquisition.

TABO’s master plans therefore not only present opportunities to prospective Palestinian homeowners, but they protect the land from illegal confiscation and settlement, enabling Palestinian land to be owned by Palestinians. All lands made available through TABO’s projects fall within the parameters of the Palestinian Authority’s jurisdiction, “Area A” and “Area B”, and are all designated as residential developments. As such, UCI is able to offer land that has been designed and developed as part of an overall strategy that promotes community in Palestine.

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