TABO offers a new master plan in Qarawa Bani Zaid, Ramallah

TABO offers a new master plan in Qarawa Bani Zaid, Ramallah

May 17, 2016

Ramallah, Palestine – May 10 2016 - In order to meet growing demand to own land in Qarawa Bani Zaid, Union Construction and Investment’s TABO Development recently announced a new master plan located in Qarawa Bani Zaid, an area 25km away from Ramallah. The new “Qarawa F” master plan consists of 23 plots.

Located on the visually stunning Qarawa, the plot boasts an incredible view of luscious olive trees and rolling hills. Alongside its aesthetic appeal, the site is situated close to another master plans in Qarawa containing 147 plots, 117 of which have already been successfully sold to Palestinian families. The success rate of selling plots in Qarawa is a clear indication of the outstanding demand for affordable lands in Palestine.

An 80 meter square model home was recently completed the Qarawa D master plans, alongside a landscaping model which allows the residents to enjoy the incredible beauty that envelopes the site’s position. Through a combination of cultivating, fencing and beautifying of the landscape, the region’s rich potential and outstanding nature is accentuated, establishing it as a premium leisure destination for families and a sell-out locality for customers.

CEO and Vice Chairman of UCI and co-founder of TABO, Eng. Khaled Al Sabawi, expressed his support for the project, saying, “Through TABO, UCI is able to offer land to prospective Palestinian homeowners at affordable prices, all of which have been carefully cultivated under strategic urban planning designed to form new communities.”


“The new Qarawa F master plan shall be built with public roads, which have been approved by the Ministry of Local Government, alongside all the standard facilities that are intrinsic to TABO’s designs. TABO will provide the new master plan in Qarawa with infrastructure services such as paved roads, high voltage electricity cables, water tanks and additional services”, he continued.

Each master plan offered by TABO is designed to include public services such as green spaces, public areas and internal roads that make up roughly 30% of the total master plan. The master plans are devised to provide adequate space for the residents, alongside proper access to each plot. Internal road works have been completed in most of TABO’s master plans; a process that includes excavation, base course and asphalt works.

All land acquired for master plans are within the Palestinian Authority’s “Area A” or “Area B” jurisdictions and are designated as ‘residential’, and the average size of each plot consists of a spacious net area of 1,000 meters square, or one dunum.

The Israeli occupation often seizes unregistered land and declares in “state land”, a process that is unfortunately common seeing as 70% of land in the West Bank is unregistered according to the World Bank. Therefore, buying land and registering title deeds is the most effective method for combatting illegal land confiscation, and enabling ownership and control of Palestinian land by Palestinians.

TABO has already transferred over one hundred title deeds to its customers inside and outside of Palestine, providing evidence of UCI’s strong track record in fulfilling its pledges to its customers.

Four models villas located in Kufir Ein, Broqeen ,Qarawa Bani Zaid and Farkha are currently available for public viewing, and have set a visual precedent for the future construction and reconstruction on the lands run by TABO.

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