TABO Launches new Mobile App

TABO Launches new Mobile App

February 8, 2016

Owning land in Palestine became easier than ever today with the launch of a brand new mobile application called “TABO – A Beautiful Palestine”.

TABO’s app, which is now available for free download on the Apple App Store and Google Play, is the first ever dedicated mobile app that allows user to view available title deed lands in Palestine, view real-life panoramic virtual tours of Palestine’s nature, and view a constantly updated beautiful picture gallery of Palestine’s nature.

“TABO’s new app allows Palestinians from all over the world to be connected to Palestine’s beautiful lands at the click of a button from their mobile phones whether simply to view a beautiful gallery of Palestine’s nature, 3D panorama’s or browse available title deed lands.” stated Khaled Al Sabawi, co-founder of TABO, CEO and Vice Chairman of UCI. “Our team at TABO constantly seeks to utilize technology and innovate our platforms to allow Palestinians the world over to connect to their ancestral homeland.”

With a sleek interface and a sharp aesthetics, TABO – A Beautiful Palestine offers all the essential features of the TABO’s website at the touch of a smartphone screen. In addition to the features mentioned above, users can view their portfolio of TABO lands, monitor their title deeds status and keep track of payments through a secure system that keeps their personal details in one place.

Those considering buying TABO lands can view master plans and plots available in the West Bank and learn more about the histories of the Palestinian villages where TABO’s lands are located. Interactive features, including detailed maps, photographs and data, make the experience of realizing a dream of owning land truly immersive and enjoyable.

TABO – A Beautiful Palestine also includes a feature that allows users to contact a TABO representative directly, making any enquiries fast and efficient. In addition, it displays the latest news from TABO and the option to learn about new services, such as gardening, fencing, or even a brand new villa for TABO’s land. All the features are fully compatible with Android and Apple smartphones and tablets.

“Palestinians who own TABO lands – or who are interested in buying – will have all the services and information they need at their fingertips,” Sabawi continued. “TABO – A Beautiful Palestine makes it as easy, convenient and enjoyable to monitor, browse, or buy TABO lands or simply view Palestine’s beautiful nature. The hope is to increase the number of Palestinians that are able to own land in the West Bank – and help protect Palestinian land from illegal settlement expansion.”

TABO is a development project that focuses on expanding property rights in the West Bank and allows Palestinians the ability to own affordable, registered plots of residential land. TABO is a response to the increasing cost of land in Palestine and also protects land against Israeli annexation through title deed registration. Already, TABO has allowed hundreds of Palestinians the ability to buy land in Palestine.

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