TABO Launches a Photography Contest Celebrating this Year’s Olive Picking Season in Palestine

TABO Launches a Photography Contest Celebrating this Year’s Olive Picking Season in Palestine

October 9, 2015

As the olive picking season is approaching, Palestinians are getting ready for a fruitful season heading to their lands throughout the West Bank. Many among the young generation have lost the true meaning of olive picking which holds treasured parts from our cultural traditions and heritage. For this reason, TABO recently launched a photography contest on the best photo taken in this year’s olive harvest season encouraging young Palestinian talents to engage with olive pickers, strengthening the relationship between the land, olive trees, and people.

Olive picking season in Palestine is more than a harvest season, indeed it is an expression of the Palestinian peoples connection to their ancestral homeland applying traditions that have passed down from generations. Many Palestinians consider this season as a family activity and an opportunity to teach their children the importance of this season in bringing the family closer together, and to emphasize the connection between Palestinian culture, land and the olive trees.

TABO is launching this contest to inspire young talents to be part of the olive picking season by going to the field, interacting with olive pickers and their families, living the experience of olive picking, and most importantly portraying the best scenery that demonstrate olive picking in Palestine. The deadline for submitting photos is October 25th, 2015 after which, winners for the best three photos will be announced on November 15th, 2015. For those who are interested to submit their photos, please find all the details here. TABO aims at expanding ownership of land in Palestine through issuing title deeds that protect the Palestinian lands from illegal settlement expansion and at the same time allow Palestinians from all over the world to own a parcelized and registered piece of land in Palestine at an affordable prices.

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