TABO Completes Paving Internal Roads in its Qarawa F Master Plan

TABO Completes Paving Internal Roads in its Qarawa F Master Plan

February 1, 2017

Ramallah, Palestine - Union Construction and Investment Co. (UCI) has announced the completion of construction and paving of internal roads in Qarawa Bani Zaid as part of its groundbreaking TABO project. This road network will establish full access to what will become a thriving Palestinian community.

These works fall within the Qarawa F master plan, consisting of 23 plots each measuring one dunum. In total, the master plans for the TABO project in Qarawa Bani Zaid account for more than 150 separate plots, owned by Palestinian families. These plots have been made available at affordable prices and have sold at a rapid rate, highlighting the high demand for land in Qarawa Bani Zaid. This area is characterized by its magical nature and the beauty of its olive tree-covered mountains, only 22 km from Ramallah City.

Eng. Khaled Al-Sabawi, UCI’s CEO and Vice Chairman and co-founder of TABO, affirmed that “delivery of these internal roads will contribute to a highly efficient transportation network in each structural master plan.” The creation of these road networks have been implemented by the staff of a local contracting company, delivered to a strict timetable and in accordance with the highest standards of quality, under the supervision of UCI’s engineers.

“Families who live on TABO lands will benefit greatly from this efficient and high quality road network, with effective transport infrastructure an important element of the modern lifestyle”, said Al-Sabawi. “We prepare areas that are located outside the main cities, and construct all infrastructure from scratch. UCI has thus far delivered 10,000 meters of internal roads with an investment cost exceeding $ 1,200,000 USD. Moreover, one of UCI’s first steps in Qarawa Bani Zaid was to ensure the provision of high voltage electricity to the TABO lands located there, and we expect to complete supply of both high and low voltage electricity to all TABO lands in Qarawa Bani Zaid during 2017”.

Al-Sabawi highlighted that the TABO project gives Palestinians the opportunity to build model homes on plots which they can purchase at cost price and through direct installments with UCI. Al-Sabawi also added, “Customers benefit from the infrastructure projects implemented by UCI in those areas, but also receive a title deed for each plot. These deeds protect the land and confirm a Palestinian presence on them.”

UCI is now in the process of building four new TABO model homes in Qarawa Bani Zaid and Farkha, with construction scheduled for completion in the second quarter of 2017. “The TABO project is not merely another real estate project”, said Al-Sabawi. “It has provided our staff with an opportunity to prove our ability to deliver modern, desirable and affordable homes to our customers, but also to demonstrate our determination to develop areas located outside the main cities. In doing so we are creating homes but also helping to protect our homeland, and that is a unique accomplishment for us and for Palestine.”

To this end, UCI has purchased hundreds of dunums of Palestinian land and is working hard to reorganize them and prepare them for modern Palestinian living. Thanks to TABO, there are now more than one million square meters of land in Palestine protected and issued with title deeds, and more than 500 additional plots which have already been sold to Palestinian families.

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