TABO Completes Paving Internal Roads in its Qarawa D Master Plans

TABO Completes Paving Internal Roads in its Qarawa D Master Plans

July 7, 2015

The roads of TABO’s Qarawa D Master Plan were fully paved this month, establishing full access to all the plots of what will soon be a thriving community.

Qarawa D master plan – an area of 51.8 dunums (13 acres) divided into 51 plots– will soon be home to hundreds of families, living on Palestinian-owned land secured with a title deed that can be passed down through generations. The possibility of Palestinian individuals owning and developing the land has been realized by TABO, a revolutionary project that identifies and secures land in the West Bank and divides it into affordable, accessible parcels for purchase.

Just 22 km away from the urban hub of Ramallah, Qarawat Bani Zeid enjoys stunning views over hills and olive groves and a tranquil, rural setting at the heart of Palestine. The brand new roads are the latest addition to a master plan that will eventually provide every amenity for a community to grow and thrive. Implemented by Union Construction and Investment, one of the largest real-estate companies in Palestine, the roads are asphalted to fully modern standards and run within the land of Qarawa D and beyond it.

“Paved roads are one of the most crucial components of realizing our vision of creating a strong and permanent Palestinian community in the TABO lands around Qarawa Bani Zaid,” Khaled Al Sabawi, the Co-Founder of TABO, said. “The paved roads means that those living and working in Qarawa D will be able to travel easily within the community, by foot or car, and to areas beyond.”

In addition to the paved roads, green spaces and public areas have already been allocated. High and low voltage electricity networks will soon be extended on the lands. Qarawa D is one of several master plans for communities in Qarawa Bani Zaid. Already, UCI have paved the roads in the Qarawa A and B areas, and high voltage cables have already being implemented in the adjacent Qarawa A Master Plan.

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