UCI Holds a Reception Party Welcoming UN Agencies

UCI Holds a Reception Party Welcoming UN Agencies

January 20, 2014

Ramallah: Union Construction and Investment held a reception party at its headquarters in Ramallah to welcome UNDP and UN Habitat for moving into the UCI/Ahlia Headquarters building, located in Ramallah, Al Masyoun.

The Welcome  reception was attended by Mr. Khaled Al Sabawi, General Manager of UCI, UCI’s employees, Mr. Mathias Benkeh, the president of the High Commissioner of Human Rights in Palestine, several managers and employees from UNDP and UN Habitat, in addition to a number of managers and employees from Ahlia Insurance in Ramallah.

To have the event started, Mr. Khaled Sabawi and UCI employees welcomed the attendants of the reception, and expressed their happiness to have two UN agencies move into their building, wishing them comfort, luck and success in achieving all their goals and ambitions.

Mr. Mathias Benkeh, also, handed Mr. Sabawi an award for UCI’s contribution in sponsoring the “Walk for Human Rights” event, which was organized by UNDP, aiming at supporting human rights in coordination with “Shams” Center in Jericho last month.

It is well worth mentioning that UCI’s building, composed of “9” floors, is the first environment-friendly commercial building in Palestine. It was awarded the 2009 Energy Globe Award for using the geothermal technology through MENA Geothermal, founded and headed by Mr. Sabawi, which proved its efficiency and excellence in the geothermal field both locally and internationally. At the moment, all UCI’s building floors are occupied except for its, roof which is distinctively designed both on the inside and outside, and which owns a spectacular view over the heights of Masyoun and even the city of Jerusalem.

UCI undoubtedly made sure that all security needs were provided for its building to best protect the different agencies and companies of its tenants 24/7, every day. UCI protects its building with security staff, special access elevators cards, cameras monitoring entrances, public areas, and parking lots, in addition to providing the building with a fire alarm, an extra electricity generator, and an emergency staircase.

It is also to be pointed that UCI is considered one of the leading companies in the field of real estate in Palestine. It was established in 2005, and has been working on changing the residential trait in Palestine ever since. UCI was the first company to build full residential projects, besides being characterized for using a special architectural trait which shows in its mentioned headquarters building, Arkadia residential Project, and last but not least, its Al Etihad Villas Project, which is considered the first complete residential project in Palestine. UCI has later launched its biggest and most distinctive project of all projects in Palestine, TABO, which aims at reaching all Palestinian around the planet and help them make their dream of owning land in Palestine come true, besides protecting the Palestinian lands from the Israeli settlements expansion.

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