UCI Wins Landmark Lawsuit against Palestinian Lands Authority

UCI Wins Landmark Lawsuit against Palestinian Lands Authority

March 2, 2015

The Palestinian High Court of Justice issued a landmark ruling against the Palestinian Lands Authority and in favor of Union Construction and Investment (UCI), Palestine’s leading real-estate development company, denouncing the President of the Palestinian Land Authority for his “illegal actions” that “violate the law and must be cancelled.”

For years, UCI has been the victim of an illegal and targeted campaign to delay and suspend the title deed registration transactions associated with its TABO project. This landmark decision reverses attempts to obstruct the registration and transfer of title deeds to hundreds of landowners and opens the doors to eager new buyers.

TABO, UCI’s flagship project, has become Palestine’s most popular real-estate project for its focus on expanding property rights and affordable land ownership to Palestinians in the West Bank and the Diaspora. TABO establishes proof of ownership for Palestinian land, thereby protecting it from illegal settlement expansion.

On February 18, 2015, after nearly one year of legal proceedings, the High Court of Justice ruled in favor of UCI in lawsuit No. 247/2014, cancelling the President of the Land Authority’s illegal suspensions and ordering the resumption of UCI’s title deed transactions. In its lawsuit, UCI was represented by Adv. Yousef Shawkat.

The landmark ruling hails a victory for UCI, its customers, shareholders, and the Palestinian people, as it upholds the rule of the law and combats the abuse of power in the administration of the Lands Authority. This legal victory stands as a testament to the UCI"s strong commitment to protect over 1,700 public shareholders, as well as hundreds of customers who purchased land through TABO.

Khaled Al Sabawi, UCI’s General Manager, Vice Chairman and co-founder of the TABO Project stated, “After a year-long legal battle, justice in Palestine has been served. We sincerely thank the High Court of Justice for upholding the rule of law and ending a period of injustice against thousands of our investors, who hail from Palestine and all over the region. TABO has experience rapid growth in just a few years and we highly look forward to welcoming new customers as we expand our project without limitation. Our customers will see a great appreciation in the value of their lands as we complete infrastructure expansion, roll out new projects, build homes for our customers, and hopefully complete our mission of protecting Palestinian land for generations to come.”

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