UCI's TABO Development Completes the Construction of New Roads in Qarawa Bani Zeid

UCI's TABO Development Completes the Construction of New Roads in Qarawa Bani Zeid

March 1, 2016

In line with Union Construction and Investment’s (UCI) major real estate project, TABO, UCI is proud to announce the completion of alternative roads in Qarawa Bani Zaid, 22km north of Ramallah.

Qarawa Bani Zaid is just one of UCI’s numerous master plans, innovatively designed to present alternative and affordable real estate options for land and home buyers in Palestine. The alternative roads within Qarawa Bani Zaid create multiple access points to the master plan, enabling the community to benefit from Qarawa Bani Zaid’s prime location between Ramallah and Nablus.

Khaled Al Sabawi, UCI’s CEO and Vice Chairman and co-founder of TABO, issued a statement commending the recent development. “The completion of the alternative roads within Qarawa Bani Zaid now ensures that there is more than one entrance to the Master Planned community, connecting internal plots to the surrounding main roads. This will greatly aid the needs of future residents and TABO land owners, alongside widely benefitting the entire Qarawa Bani Zaid town”, he said.

“This move supports UCI’s overarching strategy, which rests on the principle that investment in the infrastructure of the West Bank promotes the economic and social development of the Palestinian society, laying the foundations for growth, progress and development”, he added.

The planning and construction of the alternative roads were implemented within various stages, in accordance with a calculated and structured timeline drawn up by UCI. The organization is continuing to pave internal roads in most of the five TABO master plan communities in the West Bank, a process which includes excavation, base course and asphalt works, alongside the construction of model homes.

The development of Qarawa Bani Zaid master plan moves the project one step further towards the realization of TABO’s mission to re-define affordable housing options for Palestinians. The paved roads enhance the overall infrastructure of the community, which will also include an electricity network, green and public areas and water tanks upon completion.

The road construction and progression of plans for Qarawa Bani Zaid are delivered as part of UCI’s ongoing efforts to protect Palestinian land from illegal acquisition and confiscation within the West Bank. Such a vision will be enabled by encouraging the acquisition of title deeds and making land ownership a more viable option for the Palestinian people, a reality that can be made possible by the development of communities such as TABO’s master plans in Qarawa Bani Zaid.

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