UCI Completes Construction of New TABO Model Homes

UCI Completes Construction of New TABO Model Homes

January 29, 2018

Ramallah, Palestine - Eng. Khaled Sabawi, UCI's CEO and Vice Chairman, has announced completion of the construction of four new model homes as part of the pioneering TABO project. Situated in Qarawa Bani Zeid D and B master plans in Ramallah and in Farkha D master plan in Salfit, these new TABO homes enjoy stunning locations, fantastic mountain views and are positioned away from the crowds and often chaotic nature of city life.

These model homes are built in a variety of sizes to suit all tastes, boast a super deluxe finish and are completed in a modern style. The property sizes available include 80, 100 and 120 m2. The 120 m2 homes are duplex homes with two floors: the first floor consisting of a large living area, finished kitchen and a bathroom, and the second floor consisting of a master bedroom, a second bedroom, a bathroom, finished kitchen, living room and a terrace with stunning views. The 80 and 100 m2 homes consist of a single floor and are modern, comfortable, and characterized by architectural designs which reflect modernity and beauty. These residences consist of a master bedroom, a second bedroom, bathroom, finished kitchen and a living room.

"We are proud of this achievement which complements our strategic plans and our efforts with TABO since its beginning in 2011. UCI has become one of the most important real estate developers in Palestine thanks to its focus - especially regarding the housing sector - to provide real estate products which are competitively priced and built to the highest professional standards. Our properties are tailored to meet all aspirations and different levels of incomes”, said Eng. Khaled Sabawi in regards to TABO’s latest success.

Sabawi added: “TABO was never just another ordinary real estate project in Palestine. It is the only economic project that sheds light on the issues surrounding Palestinian land. It sets comprehensive development plans to solve these problems and to create a change in reality. For this reason, TABO quickly became popular and has gained wide recognition among Palestinians in various parts of the world.”

Sabawi pointed out that the construction of new model homes was a direct response to high demand. “TABO adds exceptional value to the land. These homes are being sold at cost price, starting from $39,500 USD. They therefore represent a promising investment opportunity for every Palestinian. We also provide customers with fencing, landscaping and many other services for these homes at cost price, ensuring a peaceful and comfortable life for customers and their families.”

Sabawi continued, “TABO is a project which has left a clear imprint on Palestinian society, and one that has received attention from families and investors who wish to own an independent piece of land with a title deed. Ownership of such plots, each measuring one dunum in area, along with the prospect of building modern homes in an emerging destination with attractive locations explain the project’s success”.

He confirmed that UCI will continue its work to ensure that Palestinian development is possible outside of the main cities, to be achieved through the purchasing of hundreds of dunums of beautiful rural lands and organizing this land into parcels based on structural master plans. Each parcel is then issued title deeds, allowing for Palestinian ownership of Palestinian land at reasonable prices. In addition, modern infrastructure services will be introduced, allowing for new housing complexes, and all of this will take place while ensuring that the beauty of the natural landscape is not compromised.

Sabawi highlighted the project’s central belief that social impact is more important than financial return. To this end, since 2011, TABO has protected more than one million square meters of Palestinian land in the West Bank through the issuing of title deeds, provision of infrastructure and carrying out of construction works on these lands, guaranteeing their Palestinian ownership.

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