UCI Announces Completion of Internal Road Networks for new TABO Lands in Farkha

UCI Announces Completion of Internal Road Networks for new TABO Lands in Farkha

October 5, 2017

Ramallah, Palestine – Oct 04 2017 - Union Construction and Investment (UCI) has announced the completion of excavation and paving of all internal roads in its latest TABO master plan located in Farkha, Salfit, called the “Farkha E” master plan. All TABO master plans are sympathetic to the landscape’s natural beauty and charming views. In addition, the main road linking the Farkha E master plan with Farkha A was also paved. Farkha A includes more than 90 plots, each with an area of one dunum. All individual plots come with title deeds and have been sold to Palestinian families. Thus far, UCI has constructed 10,000m of paved internal roads as part of the TABO project, with an investment cost exceeding $1,200,000.

These projects are an extension of the infrastructure development that UCI is initiating not only in Farkha but across all other areas of focus of the TABO project in the West Bank. The goal is to develop these lands and rehabilitate them so as to allow for the creation of new residential communities. The importance of the TABO project lies in its vital and significant role in establishing essential infrastructure in areas where it is lacking, thus helping ensure Palestinian presence in these lands. This is considered one of the most effective means of protecting these lands from illegal settlement construction. Through TABO, UCI has taken pioneering steps in the development of lands outside of the main cities, recording important achievements and excellent results at all levels.

Since its establishment in 2011, TABO has continued to launch master plans in Farkha as well as in other areas of the West Bank. TABO has generated more than 7 master plans in Farkha alone, increasing the number of offered plots to roughly 200. The majority of these plots were developed, sold and owned by Palestinian families.

UCI is currently finalizing the construction of more TABO homes, built on a separate piece of land and all enjoying beautiful views of the area. The completion of these properties will be announced soon; each will be sold at cost price and through installments which extend up to 5 years in order to encourage construction in that area.

UCI is taking the lead in developing real estate outside of the main cities. In doing so, it has played a vital role by implementing innovative projects and boosting the Palestinian real estate sector to unprecedented levels of creativity and excellence. We will do everything in our power to meet the needs and expectations of the modern Palestinian citizen.

TABO is a sustainable, Palestinian led initiative which seشeks to protect Palestinian land by ensuring that it remains in Palestinian hands. This is done through the parcelization of Palestinian land into one-dunum plots, each with its own title deeds. These plots - serviced by road and electricity networks - are then sold to Palestinian families at affordable prices.

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