TABO completes a new Affordable Model Home in Qarawa Bani Zaid

TABO completes a new Affordable Model Home in Qarawa Bani Zaid

October 13, 2016

Ramallah, Palestine - Union Construction and Investment’s (UCI) TABO Development is proud to announce the completion of a brand new and attractive model home in one of its master plans in Qarawa Bani Zaid, located north of Ramallah.

Having been constructed efficiently, spanning generous sizes and being offered at a cost, TABO's model homes are prime examples of affordable living. This project fulfils TABO's primary objective of enabling Palestinians to possess the ability to own and live on affordable land in Palestine. New and continued construction changes the reality on the ground and protects Palestinian land.

The move to launch a project which constructs affordable and attractive model homes for families in the West Bank is unprecedented in Palestine. UCI’s CEO and Vice Chairman and co-founder of TABO, Eng. Khaled Al Sabawi, applauded the latest achievement and spoke of his vision for TABO’s development.

“Visitors have flooded to these model homes, which are being built in Qarawa Bani Zaid and other locations the TABO project extends to. It is clear that so many Palestinian families wish to own land and build houses in these beautiful areas”, he said.

“Our efforts empower Palestinians with an alternative choice, which is ability to live an affordable and independent house on a piece of land with attractive views over a small, truncated apartment in a crowded neighbourhood. By building a model TABO Home, we are demonstrating that there is an alternative to the standard “affordable housing” model offered by most Palestinian real-estate developers, who pack limited apartment buildings into densely populated areas”, Al Sabawi added. 

"If you take the price of a piece of land offered with TABO and add at TABO, which we offer at cost, you will be left with a price more affordable then an apartment in any new development. I state again, we are offering the TABO Homes at manufactured cost. UCI does not profit from these TABO Homes because our objective is to allow Palestinians the ability to own and live on affordable land in a way that is spacious and comfortable. We also want to change the reality on the ground by building Palestinian communities to help protect Palestinian land."  

"Moreover, TABO enhances the historical and legal right of the Palestinian people in owning and developing their land", he continued. "It is their right to reside here, and by buying a TABO lands residents obtain title deeds which help in protecting this land from the settlements and illegal land confiscation.”

Covering an area spanning 80 square metres, the model home sports a fully equipped kitchen with modern furnishings, a generous living room and two stylish bathrooms. Located 25km from the centre of Ramallah - the economic hub of the West Bank - and with contemporary fixtures that include sleek tiles, doors, windows and ceilings, the model home provides a comfortable living space suitable for every Palestinian family. 

Al Sabawi proceeded to illustrate how a large proportion of the models homes that the company has already created, which range between 80, 100 and 120 square meters, have already been sold, marking yet another success for TABO. 

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