“By not seeking to profit off these homes we demonstrate that social impact is of greater importance than financial returns” says Al Sabawi

“By not seeking to profit off these homes we demonstrate that social impact is of greater importance than financial returns” says Al Sabawi

December 6, 2016

UCI Vice Chairman & CEO Announces Construction of New Round of TABO Model Homes in Palestine

Ramallah, Palestine - Dec 6 2016 - Union Construction and Investment's (UCI) TABO Development is proud to announce construction of four new model homes in Qarawa Bani Zaid, located north of Ramallah, and in Farkha, Salfeet.

Explaining the vision behind TABO, the project’s co-founder, Khaled Al Sabawi - UCI’s Vice chairman and CEO - confirmed that “the concept of TABO model homes is based on providing a comfortable space that people aspire to live in. We provide Palestinians with an opportunity to buy a plot of land complete with title deed and to build homes at cost through direct installments. These homes are provided with infrastructure services - including paved roads and electricity - and title deeds through TABO." In offering these homes at cost, a move unprecedented in Palestine, UCI is making a very clear statement: “We are encouraging Palestinians to build and to create ‘facts on the ground’”, said Al Sabawi. “By not seeking to profit off these homes we demonstrate that social impact is of greater importance than financial returns”.

Situated in beautiful locations and working to master plans which provide an alternative to the densely-populated housing schemes commonly offered by other developers, TABO homes are designed for Palestinian families who wish to enjoy Palestine’s natural beauty combined with twenty-first century living. Moreover, both of the available locations are less than a 30-minute drive from the center of Ramallah city, and whether seeking a permanent home or a peaceful retreat away from the crowds and fast pace of city life, TABO homes offer the perfect solution.

These homes are available in three sizes - 80, 100 and 120 meters square - and are designed in accordance with the tastes and needs of customers. The homes of 120 meters square are duplex houses, with contemporary living spaces spread across two floors, and boasting a terrace with stunning views. The homes of ​​80 and 100 meters square consist of a single floor and provide for modern and practical living. All TABO homes are based upon architectural designs which ensure that modernity does not come at the expense of beauty.

The ability to acquire land in highly desirable areas and to build spacious and comfortable homes on that land at cost is groundbreaking, and not only ensures a lower cost to the customer compared with the purchase of a property on a new development, but helps to protect the Palestinian claim to Palestinian land. The creation of prosperous communities is essential to changing the reality on the ground, and the TABO project has so far protected more than one million square meters of land in this way.

“We have worked hard to build more model homes as a result of the high demand from TABO customers, and the properties that have been built within this project have been sold in very short time”, said Al Sabawi. “This represents another great success for TABO, and I am delighted to say that TABO has so far placed in excess of 500 parcels of land into the hands of Palestinian families. Also, through the provision of high-standard accommodation we are adding exceptional value to the land. Prices of these homes begin at just $39,500 USD, creating a promising investment opportunity, while additional services such as fencing and landscaping are also available at cost.”

By issuing title deeds in the West Bank, and by dividing plots into parcels of one dunum, the TABO project provides a practical solution to the critical problem of property rights in Palestine. This innovative approach offers land at affordable prices, and with interest-free monthly payments available, land ownership is now an achievable goal for Palestinians.

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