TABO Virtual Tour Combines Modernity and Creativity in Presenting the Palestinian Land

Ramallah: The staff of UCI’s TABO initiative, the most prominent investment and development project, created a new feature alongside the other TABO website ( features; this feature allows the website visitors and those interested in the project in Palestine and abroad as well as those who have never visited Palestine to take a “panoramic” virtual tour through the website ( and view the TABO lands located in the West Bank as if they were actually standing there on its lofty mountains or green hills.


The new feature that combines modernity and creativity facilitates viewing the plots of land and presents them in a realistic way, through giving visitors the chance to take an electronic tour of the TABO lands from anywhere in the world and discover the advantages, location, and beautiful views without necessarily being required to visit the land. This saves time and effort and makes it easier for customers to take the right decision regarding the plot they would like to own. Of course, on-site visits to the land with TABO’s Sales Team can be requested at any time.


Khaled Al Sabawi, the General Manager of UCI and Co-founder of TABO, stated: “TABO’s website, which is available in Arabic, English and Spanish, attempts to provide a complete picture of the project allows customer to make an informed and comfortable decision. TABO has become the most popular destination, online and offline, for all Palestinians interested in owning a piece of land in Palestine”. TABO’s website has become a source of attraction, efficiency in its content and quality in its design, in addition to 3D photos and the master plans for all the project’s lands with all related details. Hence, it has become the first and only Palestinian website to reach all Palestinians, both locally and internationally.


It is worth mentioning that the TABO website achieved a huge number of visitors. In 2013, more than half a million visitors visited the site from all over the world.


The TABO Initiative is distinguished in its social and investment aspects. In addition to enabling hundreds of Palestinian families in Palestine and the Diaspora to own parceled title deed plots that are provided with infrastructure, TABO also protects thousands of dunums in Palestine from the settlement expansion.