Delivering Title Deeds

At UCI we are proud of our continued success in delivering title deeds to our customers and furthering the protection of Palestinian land.

We congratulate all of our customer that have received their title deeds. They may now enjoy the peace of mind associated with owning land in Palestine with an official title deed. Our utmost priority is to fulfill our promises to our customers, who are partners in the success of TABO and the success of the Palestinian economy. We look forward to issuing title deeds for all of our customers inside and outside of Palestine. We are proud to feature the below photographs of handing over title deeds to TABO customers.


Mr. Ahmed Heles
Farkha A, Parcel #85

Mr. Ahmed Kashkash
Mid Fielder for Palestinian National Soccer Team
Qarawa Bani Zeid, Parcel #1

Mr. Hosam Abu Leil
Broqueen A, Parcel #28
Farkha A, Parcel #15

Mr. Motaz Jaber
Farkha A, Parcel #33