7 Reasons Why TABO Is So Important

April 15, 2018

1. It creates title deeds to challenge the ongoing dispossession of Palestinian land Since 1967, Israel has been implementing ongoing policies of land confiscation that have resulted in a steep decrease in lands available to Palestinians. Lands have been allocated to colonies, military areas or nature reserves, ...continue reading

A Brief History of Land Registration in Palestine

March 26, 2018

Anyone familiar with the TABO project has most likely noticed the emphasis put on the fact that UCI parcels are registered and come with a title deed. Why is this something to be highlighted?...continue reading

Trump’s & the Jerusalem Embassy: 9 Surprising Things You Didn’t Know

January 2, 2018

On December 7th, in a short speech, Donald Trump announced his decision to move the embassy of the United States from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Here’s some interesting information that will shed light on the decision:...continue reading

Proposed Israeli Legislation Represents a Fresh Attack on Jerusalem

December 3, 2017

On October 29th, the Israeli Knesset’s ministerial committee on legislation was poised to approve a controversial new bill which, if passed into law, would have annexed 19 illegal settlements in East Jerusalem (settlements are illegal according to article 49 of the Fourth Geneva Convention). ...continue reading

How Israel Removes Palestinians from their Own Land

November 23, 2017

Throughout occupied Palestinian, Israel employs a range of methods to remove Palestinians from the land. This is a central component in Israeli efforts to establish control over as much Palestinian territory as possible, and the threat posed is substantial....continue reading

Palestine: A History of Displacement

October 3, 2017

Today, Palestinians living under Israeli occupation are at severe risk of displacement and dispossession, yet this is not merely a contemporary issue. Since the early twentieth century, Palestinians have been subjected to waves of displacement from and within their homeland....continue reading

TABO: an innovative response to the theft of Palestinian land

August 1, 2017

The threat posed to the Palestinian people by the fact that 70% of West Bank land is unregistered is clear. Ottoman-era law is being cynically manipulated by the Israeli occupying power to illegally appropriate vast swathes of unregistered West Bank territory. ...continue reading

Protecting Palestinian Land for Future Generations

July 5, 2017

If someone does not take charge, embrace the responsibility, and bear the economic burden of salvaging Palestinian land from the progressive threat of Israeli settlements and occupation, tomorrow’s generations of Palestinians will be landless. ...continue reading